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Now with and the house was empty, Dennis came scrambling up to Alkaline like a newbred foal, on a parade to remove his underwear, to fling them acorss the fan that was sitting on the windowsill for Alkaline to see his big horse dick flopping about wildly in the summer indoor wind in space. Alkaline drooled a liltte bit, just like Zeggy would. Oh no, it's like I'm taking after the purprle freak! He thought, wanting to lick his lips when he see Dennis big luscious wang that was now in a half chubby.

“Darling, now that we are alone, perhaps we can...” Dennis fluttered his long lashes, leaning against the doorway sexily, his hands fluttering across his abs and chest to make Alkaline flush with arousal. Flexing his 'guns'. “Make the most of this time we have to ourselves?” That sure is a sexy gun teacher. The redhead thought to himself, biting his lip, really wanting to start unbuttoning his shirt but also not wanting to be hasty. “I was thinking—maybe some... roleplay?” Dennis's words were soft like fresh sheets out of the washing machine laying across a hotel bed.

“Aw, now ya'll've got me interested, what'd you reckon we were gunna roleplay?” Alkaline could barely contain his excitement, a hand hovering around his chest where the buttons of his shirt were practically yelling to pop free. Dennis looked sultry, and Alkaline couldn't keep his eyes away from Dennis's glorious horse dick that was now fully erect, stretching out to Alkaline like a needy limb. Alkaline wanted it to touch against his bare chest real bad.

“Now, I hope this isn't too sexy for you, darling--” Dennis looked away as if the request were too heavy, or that maybe Alkaline would shun him away. Not that he ever could of course, especially with him looking like that in the doorway half naked. “But I was hoping we could roleplay as Zeggy and Joe...?” Dennis said sweetly, his words coated in sugary slime. “I'll be Joe and give you a ride to heaven as your erotic guardian angel.” Alkaline couldn't keep his heartbeat in check, flushed and feeling himself be stiff in his own trousers.

“Gawsh, that sounds mighty nice Dennis, I'd love a ride to anywhere with you.” Dennis approached now, his incredibly large dick reaching close enough that Alkaline could lean foreward an inch and put it right in his mouth. Dennis reaching down and unbuttoning his pants, but Alkaline wanted him to unbutton his shirt first instead so he could free his excited nipples to the fresh bedroom air. But he didn't...

Dennis removed his shirt after he had removed Alkalin's pants and jockstrap, throwing the latter across the fan along with his own underwear. It blew around the stinky musk of Alkaline and Dennis took a big whiff, savouring the scent. Completely naked, he got down on all fours for Alkaline, his pale as porcelain bum up in the air for Alkaline to view at his own pleasure. Alkaline desperately wanted to remove his shirt, but complied with his bigger wish, to climb upon Dennis's back.

“Zeggy, shall we go along now? It's time for us to visit heaven and all my fellow angels.” Dennis seemed to slide right into the role, sounding almost exactly like Joe himself! Alkaline's mouth was dry like the fabric of his shirt against his erect nipples. He wanted to slap himself across the cheek, egging himself on to join Dennis in the roleplay.

“J-Joe that sounds wunderful, will y'all really take me in heaven?” Dennis looked over his shoulder suddenly, eyes sharp like a knife collection in a rich man's house. Alkaline felt a chill go up his chest, in his shirt.

“Really, darling, is that the best you can do? I could buck you right off and go please myself. You must do a better impersonation... Isn't this a serious roleplay?” Alkaline cleared his throat, getting a little more aroused at Dennis bossing him around like that.

“Fuck! I'd LOVE to finally see heaven, nyeaheheh!” Alkaline screamed, puffing out his chest and pushing up a set of imaginary glasses. Dennis's dick throbbed in excitement, a very vivid shiver running up his spine that Alkaline could feel between his legs.

“Well then, let's be off!” Dennis began to saunter foreward, tossing his hair like the space horse he truly was. Even with his angelic roleplay, that man could not shake his inner self, his inner desire. To be ridden, like a horse. Dennis's gentle rocking as he crawled foreward toward the living room made Alkaline's shirt rub up against his nipples, making him groan a little bit.

“FUCK, Joe, lemmie take off this uh—shitty fucking shirt. Nyeh.” Alkaline hastily tacked on a “Please?” Hoping that Dennis would read his desperation through the very convincing Zeggy act. But Dennis does not break his role or even look over his shoulder at the redhead purple alien on his back.

“Never you shithead.” Alkaline let out a very audible moan. Even if it wasn't in character Alkaline wanted to be bullied by Dennis constantly. It made him rock hard! They pushed through the door and into the living room only to find... a shock!

Zeggy and Joe were sitting on Dennis's couch! And they were...

“Oh darling dearest Alkaline, would you please pour tea on my chest?” Zeggy was begging, his... shirt off!!? Alkaline swole up with jealousy, and anger, making his shirt continue to bully his nipples. He could feel himself getting a little too excited at the feeling.

“Yer DARN tootin' I will!” Joe hollared, one foot up on Zeggy's shoulder, wearing a set of big floppy cowboy boots and nothing else. They were bright red. As Zeggy groaned out another 'Darling!' Joe's boots wiggled in excitement. Zeggy opened his eyes, only to spot the two that had crawled into the room only a moment before. He seemed to want to shout out in surprise, but instead began to bat his eyelashes furiously, gasping.

“Oh dear! We have some guests! Perhaps we should invite them to join in our festivities?” Zeggy refused to break character, and Alkaline was beginning to feel he was the only one struggling against his own body to keep in touch with the roleplay. His nipples wanted to burst free of this shirt, and it was breaking his concentration.

“Are you guys going to heaven too?” Dennis said in a singsong voice, following it with a birdlike tweeting whistle. Something about that tweet made Alkaline shiver though, and he was worried he was going to finish before they even got to start with the other two!

“Y'all are CUMMIN to heaven with us! Definitely!” Joe said, pushing Zeggy back further into the chair with those big red boots. Dennis crawled up to them, letting out a few whistles as he carried Alkaline closer. They began to engage in some good old fashioned foreway foreplay, with everyone but Alkaline missing all of their clothes. That and Joe's boots. Dennis began to fuck Akaline, the movement making the shirt rub furiously up against his errect nipples. Alkaline began to panic as he felt a heat overtake his body.

“Oh no I—um FUCK I THINK I'M GONNA NYEEGH” His voice warbled between his southern accent and Zeggy's purple accent as the shirt rubbing up against his nipples forced him to prematurely finish, bursting all over Dennis's face, even managing to clear the crest of his glorious mane and smack the side of Zeggy's leg.

Dennis, surprised, begins to laugh, earnestly. Even though Alkaline is embarrassed, he begins to laugh too, which brought the other two into laughing too before they all engaged merrily in the rest of their orgy.
the flower of youth
HI GAIZ!!! long tiem no see X)

me ben craaaazyyyy wif school lately!! (space skool that is LOL!!!!) but hers a fic :icon inu-joe-chan: and i made together!

=^___^= suki desu!


United States
Im NekoDennisKun!!!! =^.^=
Ive always been a dennis but then i found out abut Spacu's Mr.Dennis. it was liek the biggest coincidense ever. it just shows that we were made 2b 2gether. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
zo i made dis account just for space school art and sometimez bane-sama's art 2!

Current Residence: JUPITER!
Favourite genre of music: J-pop, J-rock, and anything vocalouid
Favourite style of art: ANIME
Favourite cartoon character: DENNIS!

Yaoi Stamp by yaoi-pervs :thum48971289: Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan Yaoi Stamp by Bubel-Coyot Yaoi Stamp- joy love by the-view-to-a-kill
yaoi stamp by Morbia Yaoi Time Stamp by MandiMorbid Yaoi Pride Stamp by LilyFlare Yaoi pride -stamp by KasurinSama Toggy Stamp by DarkChibiShadow Zeggy Stamp by DarkChibiShadowJoe Stamp by DarkChibiShadow Alkaline Stamp by DarkChibiShadowSpace School Stamp by DarkChibiShadowStop That Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly Spinzaya Stamp by Kow-Chan Tobi stamp XD by zelos22L Gif Stamp by AleXielBrando
anime gif photo:  raibows_n_sparkles_by_aishaxnekox-d34k2au.gif
anime gif photo:  furuya_animation_by_makeyo_kirishame-d4w1bvc.gif
anime gif photo:  8.gif
anime gif photo: anime gif shhappy.gif
anime gif photo: anime gif shc.gif
anime gif photo: anime gif inuyasha7.gif
anime gif photo: anime gif juajuajua.gif
yaoi gif photo: GIFS YAOI 2 tumblr_l9a2puUjEc1qbb9qoo1_500_zpsd848272a.gif
yaoi gif photo: Koisuru Boukun yaoi gif koisuru_boukun_gif_by_5nfosi-d4kfr2w_zps260068a9.gif
neko gif photo: gif killua neko Kiluaysucaradegato1.gif

but!! imma bac!

  • Mood: Llama


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